Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM Advertising Rates

Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli Fm Advertisement Cost
Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli Fm Advertising Rates

Want To Advertise On Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM? Want to promote your brand over the radio in Tirunelveli?

Then we will the best full-service advertising agency in Tirunelveli, have got you covered.

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Types of radio ads on Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM

Why Choose Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM?

As an advertising agency, we believe that Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM has been a star since the beginning.

It is one radio channel in Tamil, which is loved by millions of people across Tirunelveli because of its relatable content and astounding RJs.

Advertising over Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM would give you the following advantages: 
  1. This channel has an extensive listenership in Tirunelveli and surrounding areas.

  2. The channel is quite popular amongst the working class of the country. That means you can target people with a buying capacity/power.

Below is the list of various ad types in Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM.

Make sure you understand the purpose of each ad and then making a sound investment decision.

1. Jingle Advertising – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• Jingles are an easy way to capture your audience’s attention, convey your message, and generate leads for your business.

• Jingles can be funny or informative based on the type of product/service you are planning to promote.

2. RJ Mention – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• There are several brands that are promoted by RJs.

• Suppose, if you have a bakery, the RJ can give your brand a shout-out and help your audience know about the delicious cakes that they can buy from your shop on special occasions.

• Such advertisements get more attention from the listeners.

3. Studio Shift – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• This is an amazing form of advertisement if you want to publicize your business both on-air and offline.

• Here, the RJ comes to your location/store to conduct his/her show.

• This will help you in garnering the attention of a greater audience, and you can also, add images and tag the RJ over social media for a better reach.

4. Time-Check – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• After every hour or so, there is a time-check that is done over the radio.

• It goes like – ‘The time is 3.00 pm, and this time-check is brought to you by-brand name-‘.

• Brands having long term advertising plans can invest in this sort of marketing for better brand recall.

5. Road Block – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• You can segregate a specific time-slot for running your ads.

• This will give your brand some exclusivity over the myriad of ads running over the radio.

• Brands with an upcoming campaign can run such ads that will give them more traction and attention.

6. Sponsorship Tag – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

• Depending on the target audience that a business has, it can sponsor specific shows having a specific listenership to get the maximum advantage from advertising.

• There are some shows that cater to the teenage audience, working professionals, Kollywood enthusiasts, etc. All you need to do is to get on the show, which targets your target audience.

Live Reads – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

Live reads are amongst some of the fundamental but well effective radio advertising techniques that require the host or anchor of a particular radio show on a particular radio channel to voice the advertisement of your brand personally.

A typical example would be a host announcing the radio advertisement script for the sale of a localized commercial property amidst an ongoing talk show.

There are several benefits of advertising through live read, some of which being targeted advertising, increased engagement and real time script customization.

This type of radio ads are most suitable and effective for brand development purposes concerning the localized businesses.

However, the effectiveness of these type of radio ads depend a lot on the popularity of the respective radio show anchor who announces it live during a show.

Sponsored Ads – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

This is yet another type of radio advertising where short segments amidst the peek time of a particular radio show, weather reports, traffic updates or the title of a particular radio show itself is lent out for advertisements by a typical radio channel.

A typical sponsored radio ad sounds something like- “today’s weather update is brought to you by xyz brand”.

The prime benefit of opting this type of radio advertising is that a typical sponsored radio ad is always prioritized to be scheduled for the first spot during the commercial breaks, thus making it audible to more audiences before they turn over to other channels.

It usually has a higher reach as compared to other formats of radio ads.

This type of advertisements are most suitable for brands willing to go for a grand launch or aware the potential market of their presence.

Produced Spot – Radio Mirchi Tirunelveli 95 FM :

Yet another type of radio advertising that has gained popularity over the years, a produced spot can be a straight read by a solo or a group of voice artists or incorporating multiple audible plots to give out the advertisement during commercial breaks.

However, the most preferred and popular form of a produced spot radio advertising is jingles.

A Jingle is basically a melodious (or not) short song that gives out the core message of the advertisement through numerous engaging ways.

In short, a typical jingle leverages the connection between music and memory and helps the advertisements stand out for longer periods unlike their counterparts.

Well recognized brands know this and bring it to use almost all the time.

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